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Wooden Box pallets for sale and rent

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Licences and Certifications

The company is certified EPAL, FSC®, ISPM15, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. EPAL (European Pallet Association) is the largest organization of European pallet manufacturers recognized worldwide due to its high quality standard.

ISPM15 treatment

ISPM15 heat treatment is a wood treatment process used in the production of wood packaging that meets the requirements of the International Standard for Phytosanitary Protection of Wood and Wood Products (ISPM15). This standard was introduced to prevent the spread of wood pests and diseases through international trade.


Wooden box pallets are an excellent solution for transporting and storing your goods. These pallets are manufactured from the highest quality wood and are designed to be durable and reliable. With our box pallets, you can transport and store your goods safely and efficiently without the risk of damage.

boxpaleti de vanzare

Box pallet dimensions and specifications

Box pallet

boxpaleti lemn



1200 x 800 mm


between 119 and 145 mm

Plank width

between 70 and 145 mm


between 13 and 22 mm


5, 7, 9 pcs.

Blocks height

80 mm


between 70 and 145 mm




between 38 and 80 mm


between 2.3 and 2.5 mm




up to 5.000 kg


beech, oak, hornbeam, fir, pine, spruce, douglas fir, poplar


Escargo boxpallets are available in standard sizes or can be tailored to your requirements.

fabrica boxpaleti

Simplify your logistics and optimize your supply chain with our high-quality pallets

New or used boxpallets

New box pallets

The brand new wooden boxpallets are made of high quality wood from sustainable sources. At Escargo, both softwood and hardwood, depending on the customer's needs.
Pine or spruce wood, due to their durability and density, give the pallets high strength. In addition, pine or spruce wood is easy to process and finish, allowing us to create pallets that meet our customers' exact specifications.

One of the reasons for using hardwood and softwood in box pallets is that these two types of wood have different properties that make them suitable for certain purposes.
Hardwood, such as oak or beech, is denser and harder, giving it greater resistance to abrasion and impact. In contrast, softwood, such as pine or spruce, is lighter and more flexible, making it more suitable for pallets that need to be light and easy to handle.

The use of wood in box pallets offers many advantages. Wood is a natural and durable material that degrades easily and can be recycled or reused. Wood is also easy to repair and maintain, making pallets a long-term investment for your business.

Used box pallets

At Escargo we have a range of second-hand wooden box pallets available, ideal for storing and transporting various types of goods. These box pallets are made of high quality wood, which makes them very strong and durable over time. They also have standardised dimensions, making them compatible with most handling and transport equipment.

These box pallets can be used in a variety of industries, including logistics and transport, warehouses, factories and shops. Being used, these pallets can be purchased at a lower price than new ones without compromising quality.

Escargo offers transport and delivery of these pallets to different locations for those who are interested. The company also offers tailor-made solutions for customers who want to adapt their box pallets to their specific needs.

On time delivery and care for our customers

At Escargo, we understand how important pallets are to your warehouse operation and are committed to providing you with customized solutions to optimize your processes. Contact us today to discuss custom pallets for your needs.

We are pleased to help you find suitable solutions for your needs.

We will work together to ensure that you are completely satisfied with all the details and then you can sign the contract with Escargo.

We start production according to the agreed requirements and specifications. We ensure constant communication throughout the process.

We deliver the pallets to the desired location. We strive to deliver as quickly as possible and are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding delivery or the products delivered.

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