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Polypropylene Tape, PET Tape, or Metallic Tape: Providing Durability and Versatility for Binding and Packaging Products.

The ideal solution for binding and packaging products!

Licences and Certifications

The company is certified EPAL, FSC®, ISPM15, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. EPAL (European Pallet Association) is the largest organization of European pallet manufacturers recognized worldwide due to its high quality standard.

Types of tapes and their properties.

In the binding and packaging industry, a variety of tapes are available, including polypropylene (PP) tapes and polyester (PET) tapes. Polypropylene tapes are valued for their ease of use and high tensile strength, making them durable and resistant to moisture and chemicals. Polyester tapes provide superior strength and stability, making them ideal for heavy loads and bulky objects. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the application and the nature of the products.

Types of tapes sold by Escargo

Polypropylene Tape (PP Tape)

Polypropylene (PP) tapes are highly versatile and used in a wide range of binding and packaging applications. They are commonly used in logistics, transportation, food, construction, agriculture, and many other fields. Polypropylene tapes are ideal for securing and sealing boxes, pallets, tubes, or bulk materials thanks to their tensile strength and flexibility.

These tape variants are suitable for use on any type of binding machine.

They are compatible with both semi-automatic and fully automated binding machines. Ideal for all types of transportation packaging.

Smooth and hassle-free binding due to perfect operational characteristics.

Available in a variety of dimensions and thicknesses:

Tape Width

ranging from 5 mm to 19 mm


ranging from 0.35 mm to 0.80 mm

Inner Diameter

φ 60, 100, 150, 200, 400 mm

Strap colors

white, black, blue, yellow, green, red, orange, and transparent


35 kg up to over 300 kg


  • Resistant to moisture and water.
  • Lightweight on pallets

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Printed Polypropylene (PP) Tape

Completely recyclable, with the possibility of full disposal, polypropylene (PP) tape is an economical and practical solution. With its textured surface, it achieves high levels of strength and reliability. It stands out for its excellent printing quality, allowing perfect customization in up to 3 colors.

Tape Width

6 mm


from 0.40 mm to 0.80 mm

Inner Diameter

φ 60, 100, 150, 200, 400 mm


35 kg up to over 300 kg


  • Personalized message on the tape
  • Theft prevention
  • Evidence of origin

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PET Tape


Banda PET este potrivită pentru toate mașinile de legare convenționale.

Suitable for fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual applications.

Tape Width

9 mm – 32 mm


0,6 mm – 1,27 mm


green, blue, yellow, red, black

Inner Diameter

400 mm


190 kg – 1800 kg



High-quality PET tape is ideal for use in the printing, corrugated cardboard, logistics, wood industry, metallurgy, food industry, fiber baling, and cotton processing sectors.

Suitable for fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual applications.

  • Optimal rolling characteristics
  • Seamless machine processing
  • High-speed feeding

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Manual PP tape

The ideal tape for hand-wrapped goods.

Polypropylene tape with a width ranging from 8 to 19 mm, is ideal for manual sealing and securing of lightweight loads.

Tape Width

8 mm – 19 mm


de la 0,45 mm la 0,90 mm



Inner Diameter

200 – 400 mm


60 – 280 kg.


up to 18%



The manual binding tape is perfect for closing packages and manually securing lightweight loads.


  • Suitable for manual binding
  • Ideal for lightly packaged goods
  • Easy to use

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Accessories for PP and PET Tape Metal Clips

The choice of a specific clip is often greatly influenced by the type of tool or machine selected for its application.

There are five standard types of clips available:

Quick Fastening Clips

Placed over the overlapping ends of the tape either during or after the tensioning process. They eliminate the need for pre-threading.

Threaded Clips

Need to be threaded over the overlapping ends of the tape before using the tensioning tool. Typically used for bales, bundles, and larger tape sizes.

Open Flange Clips

A heavy-duty version of the quick-fastening clip. They do not require pre-threading.

Push-on Clips

Used when the tape is tensioned by pressing the tip of the tensioning tool onto the respective clip.

Nestack® Clips

Held together by interconnecting elements. This Signode development allows partial loading of stacks in clip feed magazines and power strapping machines.

Microgrip® Clips

Designed for applications with severe impact, using waxed tapes. Microgrip clips are coated internally with a high-grip granulation that penetrates the wax to ensure maximum grip.

Metal Straps

Ideal for packaging heavy and bulky products with sharp edges or for products that are hot before or after packaging.

Galvanized metal strips

Benzile metalice acoperite cu zinc sunt folosite pentru produsele care necesită depozitare îndelungată în exterior. Tratarea suprafeței acestor benzi de oțel conferă rezistență sporită la coroziune față de învelișurile tradiționale. În zonele cu umiditate și alte condiții climatice, se recomandă galvanizarea.

The coating is applied and treated at high temperatures. It is uniform on both sides and edges, ensuring better handling of the straps.

The offered metal straps include two main types: AREX® and MAGNUS®. They are available in various sizes and types to meet transportation needs. The rounded and clear edges of the metal straps allow for easy use, eliminating any risk of injury. The use of our high-strength straps meets European and international requirements for transportation and forging.

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The Escargo range includes every wrapping film solution for every car application: 100% recyclable, for heavy duty and low temperatures, for high holding power, as its own organic line and in all relevant material thicknesses.


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