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Pre-stretch Film, Automatic Stretch Film, and Manual Stretch Film

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Licences and Certifications

The company is certified EPAL, FSC®, ISPM15, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. EPAL (European Pallet Association) is the largest organization of European pallet manufacturers recognized worldwide due to its high quality standard.

Pre-stretch or stretch films sold by Escargo

Pre-stretch and stretch films are essential in the packaging and palletizing process. They provide excellent protection for products during handling, transportation, and storage. The pre-stretch film, with its pre-stretching feature, offers increased tensile strength and tight adherence to the load, thereby reducing the risk of pallet breakage or shifting. On the other hand, stretch film, with its continuous stretching capability, perfectly conforms to the shape and size of the load, ensuring secure and uniform wrapping. Both types of films contribute to the efficiency of the packaging process and safeguard the goods during transit, guaranteeing their integrity.

Pre-stretch film

What does pre-stretch mean?

Pre-stretch refers to a process in which the stretch film used for palletizing is pre-stretched. This type of film can replace standard elastic film. The pre-stretch film is highly resistant and less prone to tearing. It tightly adheres to the load and maintains a consistent stretching force, ensuring secure fixation.

Benefits of the pre-stretch film:

  • Considerably increased tensile strength, which becomes twice as strong beyond the permanent deformation point.
  • The film has a memory that allows it to return to its original shape. The pre-stretch film has distinct elastic memory, setting it apart from other packaging methods. This memory enables the film to regain its initial shape despite the initial stretching.
  • The pre-stretch film offers a significant cost advantage. The film consumption costs are significantly reduced compared to using standard stretch film without pre-stretching. This leads to a substantial reduction in overall packaging costs and environmental fees.
  • It ensures maximum film utilization efficiency by minimizing losses and maximizing yield. Due to the pre-stretching process, the film can be used more economically, allowing for the maximum utilization of each meter of film. This reduces costs and provides proper protection for packaged products.

Automatic stretch film

This packaging solution protects and stabilizes loads on pallets, ensuring stability during transportation, handling, and storage.

Automatic stretch films are designed to be used on automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping equipment. We have a wide range of products available, including different sizes and lengths, to suit the needs of each stage of the packaging process.

Stretch films have high tear resistance, excellent stretchability, and good adhesion and flexibility. These features are extremely important, particularly in reducing transportation and packaging costs.

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Manual stretch film

Manual stretch film is a practical and efficient option for packaging and protecting palletized loads. It provides adhesion and stability, safeguarding the loads from dust, moisture, and damage. The use of manual stretch film is easy and quick, ensuring a secure fastening and clear visual identification of barcodes or labels. The benefits include cost savings, reduced risk of damage, and optimization of storage and transportation space.

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Automatic stretch film. Specifications

The Escargo range includes every wrapping film solution for every car application: 100% recyclable, for heavy duty and low temperatures, for high holding power, as its own organic line and in all relevant material thicknesses.


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